What’s New?

9 May 2024

  • Modules now link to your preferred manual page for that module on the repo.

11 March 2024

  • New Modules page! Lists which missions contain each module, sortable by popularity, published date, or alphabetical.
  • New rule: new missions must not contain modules that are not on the repo.
  • Rank on the Solvers page now works like most leaderboards, ties in rank X mean that no one holds rank X + 1.
  • Profile filter is now more accurate and correctly handles missions with vanilla modules. It assumes all experts know all vanilla modules.
  • Maintainers can now add proof links to an existing solve without resubmitting the whole solve.

22 October 2023

  • Users can see their own unverified uploads on their user page (must be logged in).
  • User pages now feature Top Times and First Solves statistics.
  • Ranks on the Solvers page are now equal for any users with equal Distinct and Total solve counts.
  • Mission ID is now required when uploading a mission.
    • This is the string (of format "mod_missionPackId_missionId") that uniquely identifies the mission in Unity.
    • When uploading a mission, the logfile importer will attempt to find the mission ID in the logfile, but do double-check the value it fills in because the format of logfiles is inconsistent on this matter.
    • The mission ID is now present in the missions endpoint.
  • The in-game name of a mission (which may differ from what it's called on this site) is now in the missions endpoint.
  • A few bug fixes on solve uploads.

26 September 2023

  • There is now a list of Restricted Manuals that may not be used during a mission.
  • Users must now be logged in to upload anything. Maintainers can look up who uploaded a solve, mission, or mission pack.
  • New way to view solves on a user page: by recently added ("Newest")
  • New filter on the homepage: "Has Solo Solve". Also the "Has Team/EFM Solve" no longer counts solos.
  • When you upload a logflie as proof of a solve, the Mission Name and Time Remaining are filled in automatically. Be sure to double-check the values it fills in.
  • Impoved alert messages for when mission and mission pack uploads fail.

24 August 2023

  • Maintainers can add notes to missions for additional info about the mission.
  • Login now handles Discord's new username system better.
  • Solves can now be marked as "old", meaning they were accepted under a previous version of the bomb.
  • A few bug fixes regarding module color highlighting and searching on the home page.

1 March 2023

  • Missions and Mission Packs now have a Date Added field.
  • When pasting a logfile during a Solve upload, mission name and time are filled in from the logfile info.
    • Make sure to double check what gets filled in; the info may be wrong in rare cases if the logfile contains multiple missions or bombs.
  • When uploading a mission, a Logfile Analyzer link is now required instead of a file upload.
  • Missions can now store a link to the logfile that defines its mission parameters.
  • New sort option on the home page: Date Added
  • A few minor bug fixes

8 February 2023

  • New page: What's New? (You're looking at it!)
  • New Info tab in the top navigation bar
    • Link to Rules page
    • Link to GitHub where you can post suggestions, issues, or even contribute to the project
    • Link to What's New page
  • On a mission page, if it has a variant, click on the name of the variant to go to that variant's mission page.
  • A few navigation bug fixes

24 January 2023

  • Users can upload TP solves. No more need to post them to the CB Site Data Errors thread. There's even a Solver's page for TP too! The link is in the upper left of the Solvers page.
  • Mission Packs now have their own pages that list the missions in that pack.
  • In a Mission's page, the pools show the percentage of that pool that's made up of each specific module
  • Mission pages have two view options: Pools and Probabilities
  • Maintainers can add notes to bomb solves. These are for special circumstances, like doing Australia bomb upside down or doing a bomb as a Yes/No challenge, etc.
  • Multi-bomb missions now have Time Mode and Strike Mode (global / local)

11 January 2023

  • Home page remembers your search text. There's an option to turn that off in the filter menu if you prefer.
  • Uploading of multiple bomb missions now works.
  • Uploading a mission with the same name as an existing one will replace the mission's parameters, bombs, and modules if accepted.
  • Pools are easier to see and distinguish with new dashed border only on pools that have multiple modules in them.
  • You can sort and filter by number of bombs on a mission.
  • User names can now have special characters (e.g. *\"!?#, etc.)
  • Lots of little cosmetic / QOL changes.

23 December 2022

  • Users Solver's pages have changed. Among other changes, there are now two view options: Alphabetical and By Role.
  • If you solve a mission as a Defuser, as an Expert, and by doing EFM, that mission is listed in green on your solver's page.
  • Unverified solves do not affect the statistics on mission cards or a user's solves stats.
  • You can filter by missions that have been solved by TP separately than missions that have been solved by a team.
  • Lots of little cosmetic / QOL changes.

7 December 2022

  • Proof links in the list of solves for a mission now say whether they are a logfile link, a video link, or a generic link.

4 December 2022

  • When uploading a solve, the Team and Proof textboxes are dynamically generated as you add team member names and proof links.

27 September 2022

  • New search option: name of people who solved the mission
  • New filter options:
    • Min and max number of modules
    • Min and max about of time given
    • Min and max number of strikes
    • Min and max number of widgets
    • Whether a mission has been solved or not
    • Whether a mission has a boss module or not
    • Whether a mission has a semi-boss module or not
    • Whether a mission has a pseudo-needy module or not
    • Whether a mission has a needy module or not
    • Upload a Defuser or Expert or Combined profile to filter missions whose modules match that profile
  • New sort options:
    • By mission name
    • By number of modules
    • By amount of time given
    • By number of solves
    • By percentage of rule seeded modules on the bomb

21 September 2022

  • Added search bar to home page with options to search by mission name and author name.