Rules for Uploading Solves

In order for a bomb to show on your profile, you must submit it here with the names of everyone who helped solve the bomb and their roles with proper verification. Proper verification includes a logfile or recording of the bomb, with the latter being required for a Solo solve.

Actions/mods that will invalidate your solve include:

  • Using any feature enabled by turning off "Disable Advantageous Features".
  • Playing in any timer mode besides Normal mode.
  • Taking screenshots or recordings of the bomb during a team solve to aid in solving.
  • Using local, private, or unlisted mods to give an unfair advantage such as modifying the logging, fixing bomb RNG, or replacing modules on the bomb with easier versions.
  • Using the Twitch Plays or Unity Explorer mods during a solve.
  • Using advantageous features from the Command Line mod.
  • Using the Magic Stopwatch, Manual Viewer, or Tally Counter mods during your solve.
  • Playing in the Manual room.
  • Setting the mission seed to anything besides -1.
  • Using a mod to change the fonts on the bomb.
  • Viewing the logfile of the bomb before it is solved.
  • Having Logging appear on a bomb with an ALL_MODS pool.
  • Revealing module names using Profile Revealer.
  • Using mod settings to make a module easier than default, unless for accessibility reasons. An exception applies in the case of modules or module combinations which are provably impossible.
  • Using a Restricted Manual.
  • Using a manual not accessible on the repo.
  • Using any needy listed below when given the choice of needy.
    • Literally Nothing
    • Hearthur
    • Kawaiitlyn
  • A defuser taking or using any external notes or props to aid in solving. This excludes using props to aid with colorblindness.
  • An expert viewing the bomb during the solve.

Rules for Uploading Missions

Missions that break any of the below rules will lead to them being denied by the maintainers:

  • It contains less than 47 modules.
    • Modules that do nothing such as Literally Nothing do not count towards this total.
  • It contains the module Logging.
  • It contains too many repeat modules.
  • It contains a module that doesn't have a manual on the official repo.
  • The mission's contents are too similar to those of another mission.
  • The mission name is the same as another's on this website.
  • The mission name is vulgar or offensive.
  • The mission name contains any of these reserved character sequences: [[, ]], &&, ||, !!.
  • The mission is too easy according to the maintainers. If your mission is denied for this reason, we will give pointers to fix this.