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101 Dalmatians 101 Dalmatians Adjacent Letters Adjacent Letters Adventure Game Adventure Game Algebra Algebra Alphabet Numbers Alphabet Numbers Arithmelogic Arithmelogic Astrology Astrology Battleship Battleship Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Big Circle Big Circle Binary LEDs Binary LEDs Binary Puzzle Binary Puzzle Binary Tree Binary Tree Bitmaps Bitmaps Black Hole Black Hole Blind Maze Blind Maze Boolean Venn Diagram Boolean Venn Diagram Braille Braille British Slang British Slang Broken Buttons Broken Buttons Broken Guitar Chords Broken Guitar Chords Burger Alarm Burger Alarm Burglar Alarm Burglar Alarm Button Sequence Button Sequence Catchphrase Catchphrase Challenge & Contact Challenge & Contact Character Shift Character Shift Cheap Checkout Cheap Checkout Chess Chess Chord Qualities Chord Qualities The Clock The Clock Color Decoding Color Decoding Color Generator Color Generator Color Morse Color Morse Colored Switches Colored Switches Colour Code Colour Code Coordinates Coordinates Crackbox Crackbox Creation Creation Cryptography Cryptography Curriculum Curriculum Cursed Double-Oh Cursed Double-Oh DetoNATO DetoNATO Digit String Digit String Dr. Doctor Dr. Doctor Equations Equations Equations X Equations X Fast Math Fast Math FizzBuzz FizzBuzz Flags Flags Flashing Lights Flashing Lights Follow the Leader Follow the Leader Functions Functions The Gamepad The Gamepad Graffiti Numbers Graffiti Numbers Greek Calculus Greek Calculus Grid Matching Grid Matching Gridlock Gridlock Guitar Chords Guitar Chords Hexamaze Hexamaze Hidden Colors Hidden Colors Human Resources Human Resources Hunting Hunting Ice Cream Ice Cream IKEA IKEA The iPhone The iPhone The Jewel Vault The Jewel Vault Know Your Way Know Your Way Lasers Lasers Laundry Laundry Left and Right Left and Right Light Cycle Light Cycle Lightspeed Lightspeed Lion's Share Lion's Share Logic Logic Logic Gates Logic Gates Logical Buttons Logical Buttons The London Underground The London Underground Mafia Mafia Mahjong Mahjong Maintenance Maintenance Manometers Manometers Marble Tumble Marble Tumble Maritime Flags Maritime Flags Minesweeper Minesweeper Modern Cipher Modern Cipher Module Maze Module Maze Modules Against Humanity Modules Against Humanity Monsplode Trading Cards Monsplode Trading Cards Monsplode, Fight! Monsplode, Fight! The Moon The Moon Mouse In The Maze Mouse In The Maze Murder Murder Mystic Square Mystic Square Neutralization Neutralization Nonogram Nonogram The Number Cipher The Number Cipher Number Pad Number Pad Only Connect Only Connect Orientation Cube Orientation Cube Periodic Table Periodic Table Pie Pie Playfair Cipher Playfair Cipher Poker Poker Press X Press X Question Mark Question Mark Regular Crazy Talk Regular Crazy Talk Resistors Resistors Reverse Morse Reverse Morse Rhythms Rhythms Rubik's Cube Rubik's Cube S.E.T. S.E.T. Safety Safe Safety Safe Schlag den Bomb Schlag den Bomb Scripting Scripting Shikaku Shikaku Silly Slots Silly Slots Simon Screams Simon Screams Simon Shrieks Simon Shrieks Simon's Star Simon's Star Skewed Slots Skewed Slots Skyrim Skyrim Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog The Sun The Sun Synchronization Synchronization Synonyms Synonyms Tangrams Tangrams Third Base Third Base Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Timezone Timezone The Triangle Button The Triangle Button Unrelated Anagrams Unrelated Anagrams USA Maze USA Maze Valves Valves Vexillology Vexillology Visual Impairment Visual Impairment Waste Management Waste Management The Wire The Wire Wire Spaghetti Wire Spaghetti X01 X01
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